Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Business Eliane Cantanhede complains about gasoline at R $ 5.15 and is esculachada...

Eliane Cantanhede complains about gasoline at R $ 5.15 and is esculachada by her coup past

The conservative journalist, enthusiastic about the 2016 coup and the election of Bolsonato, went to Twitter to complain about the price of gasoline. It took a flood of criticism and irony. “privatize your car that gets better”, poked Jones Manoel edit

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247 – Journalist Eliane Cantanhêde, from the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo and GloboNews, complained about the price of gasoline on Twitter: “In my neighborhood, regular gasoline went up to R $ 5.15 a liter. Please, someone says I read it wrong ! “. One of the most radical defenders of the coup against Dilma Roussef and the election of Jair Bolsonaro against Fernando Haddad, was repeatedly escorted. See the journalist’s post and some comments:

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