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Enem digital 2020: candidates are dismissed from test location in DF after ‘system error’ | Federal District

Candidates for the National High School Examination (Enem) 2020 were unable to take the digital test this Sunday (31), in Taguatinga, in the Federal District. At the place of application, a private college, the evaluation system would have presented an error, preventing students from answering the questionnaire.

The gates closed at 1 pm, and the race was scheduled for 1:30 pm. However, registrants had to wait until around 3 pm, when they started to be dismissed.

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According to student reports, the system that should generate a code for each candidate to start the evaluation did not work (see details below).

THE G1 contacted the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) and questioned whether the “error in the system” was only in Taguatinga or whether it occurred in other educational units in the capital, but was awaiting a return until the last update of this report .

In DF, 3,764 students signed up to take the assessment in digital format. The second day of tests is scheduled for February 7.

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Student Hian Lucas Mesquita Dourado, 18, complained about the lack of information.

“Basically, we got there and waited for the test to be released. After two hours, they said we wouldn’t be able to do the assessment and they gave us a phone number to try to reschedule the exam.”

Student Hian Lucas Mesquita Dourado, 18, was unable to take the digital Enem test in DF – Photo: Walder Galvão / G1

The young man, who lives in Ceilandia, also spoke about the time he had to wait to be released. “We stayed in the crowd, waiting for something to happen and, when there was one, they sent us away,” he lamented.

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Bank correspondent Elaine Marques, 28, went through the same situation. She told the G1 that candidates needed a code to release the test, and the applicator system did not work.

“I missed my Sunday, I could have stayed at home. We waited all this time for nothing.”

The woman was also instructed to reach the call center by phone and try to reschedule.

Bank correspondent Elaine Marques, 28, also failed to take the digital test this Sunday (31), in DF – Photo: Walder Galvão / G1

In the digital version of Enem, students answer the multiple choice questions on computers installed at the test sites. The writing is done in printed format. Therefore, the candidate had to bring a black pen, with a transparent tube, to write it.

In the printed version of the assessment, students staying at the test site until the final 30 minutes can take the question book home. Thus, when Inep publishes the official feedback, it is possible to check your answers and get an idea of ​​the number of correct answers.

In Enem digital, as there are no printed questions – only the essay – the candidate can write on the draft sheet which were the alternatives indicated. But, likewise, the possibility of taking the paper with you will only be valid for those who wait until the last half hour of proof.

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