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Erica changes Zena’s look and the two are devastated. But the first one already answered the letter

Zena Pacheco proceeded to a visual change and, for this, relied on Erica Silva, which has a beauty salon in Madeira. The winner of “Big Brother – A Revolução” handed her hair over to the former competitor of “Casa dos Segredos”, also from TVI, and the result could not be better, in the opinion of André Abrantes. He watched it all while drinking poncha, a typical Madeira drink.

“I’m already here with Érica to change my look”, said Zena, showing a video in which the two appear in the beauty salon of the former competitor of “Casa dos Segredos”, who has participated in more than ten reality shows. Now see:

They were all happy until they realized they were being devastated because they were doing a visual transformation in full confinement, caused by the pandemic of COVID-19. Such messages made Érica Silva explain that none of them were breaking rules.

To everyone who is criticizing us for having been working, do not forget that I am in the autonomous region of Madeira. Here, shops can be open until 6 pm and the curfew is at 7 pm. This from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, shops close at 5 pm and the curfew is at 6 pm. So neither I nor anyone else broke any rules. Don’t crucify me, don’t marinate where it doesn’t exist. I didn’t break any laws, neither I, nor Zena, nor André ”, concluded Érica Silva.

Now see Zena’s new look:

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Text: Ana Lúcia Sousa; Photos: reproduction social networks


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