Saturday, February 27, 2021
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“Espeta-me at the coast …”

The weather in the most watched house in the country has been calmer this Saturday afternoon, January 30th. With the “two Joanas” nominated to leave tomorrow, the contestants have used the time to catch up on the “conversation”.

Bruno Savate was chatting with Sandrina in the closet, while the Alentejo woman was ironing, and ended up venting about the erratic behavior of Sónia Jesus, whom she confesses to being very fond of.

The competitor reveals that he does not understand the northerner’s attacks, and reveals that although he finds her below, when she “steps on her toes” she has to resort to the attack: “If I get along with her during the day, I have no problems whatsoever, why does she go there when she has these situations and stick my knife in?”, begins by considering.

“I am then obliged to answer it, and to squeeze it unnecessarily”, completed the competitor.

Recall that Sónia Jesus felt bad at Ericeira’s house this Saturday, even vomiting. Look here.

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Watch the video here.


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