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Evelyn Castro, from Porta dos Fundos, talks about harassment and role in a soap opera

Known for acting on the channel “Porta dos Fundos”, Evelyn Castro, 39, will be on the next soap opera at seven on Globo, “Quanto Mais Vida Melhor”.

“I had already participated in soap operas, but this is my first time in the fixed cast. I am very happy. It is the realization of a season of this dream. I even thought it wouldn’t happen anymore (laughs). I confess I was tense, but more for leaving home in a pandemic. However, when I came across the safety protocols of Rede Globo, I was safer. I feel safer there in the studio than in the supermarket and on the street. Thanks to the pandemic, I have a dressing room just for me Look how chic it is (laughs) I can concentrate well on this new endeavor and also let go of that naughty little fearless fellow (laughs) “, she said, in a humorous tone, to Quem.

When talking about her character, she said: “Goddess is employed in the Monteiros’ house. She is solar, outgoing and has a strong personality. She doesn’t have her tongue in her mouth, she says what she thinks and ends up being clueless at the right time” .

Despite the light way, Evelyn had a hard time getting to where she is, having to face episodes of sexism and harassment. According to her, when she performed as a singer at night, pejorative comments were frequent.

” The vast majority of the environments I worked in were men and I was respected. Of course, there is always ‘that son of God’ who makes you less, asks you if you can handle it or thinks you are a piece of meat. But that directly she was the minority, I always positioned myself. As a singer, mainly from the public, I suffered harassment and often even more aggressively. I heard mediocre and bad language words. They confused being a singer who works at night with something else. . Especially because we are already taking a stand and we will continue.

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