Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Felipe Melo cites “great idol” status after title and says: “I’m going to die palmeirense”

Algoz do Santos on Copa Libertadores final, Palmeiras won the second championship on Saturday night. After participating in the decision at Maracanã and lifting the trophy alongside Gustavo Gomez, midfielder Felipe Melo highlighted his debut relationship with the club Alviverde.

“Today, I go down in history, for a select group of Libertadores champions. A while ago, in the first year of Palmeiras, they asked me if I felt like an idol. And I said that, for what the fans do, I felt like an idol, yes. And they threw rocks as hell, ”began Felipe Melo in an interview with Fox Sports.

“Today, I enter the club’s history once and for all as one of the great idols. Just like Weverton, Gustavo Gomez, Luiz Adriano. Just like this cast. Once again, we have stamped such a beautiful story and in such a great club, which is Palmeiras ”, he added.

With a total of 173 matches and 12 goals for Palmeiras, Felipe Melo also won the 2018 Brazilian Championship and Paulista 2020 for the club. During his long career, marked by a stint in Europe, the alviverde team is the one who defended the most.

“I was not born a palmeirense and I never made a point of hiding. But I became palmeirense, I’m going to die palmeirense ”, said Felipe Melo, who also highlighted his quick recovery from injury, as he fractured his left ankle on November 8, against Vasco, for the Brazilian Championship.

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“I serve the God of the impossible, the God who works miracles. Very happy, it feels incredible. I became captain of Palmeiras with a lot of work and humility. And God prepared the right moment, because it was here that everything started and I took my first steps. At Maracanã, I played my first games ”, said the ex-Flamengo player.

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