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Felipe Melo sees himself in the history of Palmeiras as an idol after the title: “I’m going to die palmeirense” | palm trees

– They said it was impossible to go back. They even did a poll if I would go back. Four months … Two months it was impossible to return … But I follow the God of the impossible. Today, thank God, I am experiencing fullness. Very happy. Feeling of great joy.

– I became captain of Palmeiras with a lot of work, a lot of humility. Today I go down in history, a select group of Libertadores champions. I was asked if I felt like an idol. I said that I felt for what the fans do, but today I am part of the club’s history, like this whole squad. We stamp such a beautiful story from such a big club. Today I enter the club’s history once and for all, as one of the great idols.

– I was not born palmeirense. I never made a point of hiding. But I became a palmeirense and I’m going to die palmeirense.

Palmeiras celebrates the Libertadores title – Photo: Andre Durão

As captain of the team for much of the season, the player was chosen to raise the cup together with defender Gustavo Gómez, who wore the belt in his absence and in the big decision. Just before the award, he opened a live on his instagram profile. And left someone else filming during the awards. Before going up to lift the cup, the steering wheel provoked the critics:

– Jesus enabled! Pit will lift the cup. To the sadness of many and the joy of thousands – he said.

Felipe Melo, from Palmeiras, in live – Photo: Reproduction

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