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Female Carioca: Fluminense makes 21 to 1, Flamengo applies 10 to 0 and Vasco wins in the debut | women’s football

Flamengo, Fluminense and Vasco debuted with the victory of Carioca Feminino 2020/21. This Saturday, the three teams beat their opponents (Boavista / Zico 10, Angra dos Reis and Portuguesa, respectively) in matches with very different scores.

The most expressive result was carried out by Fluminense. At CT Vale das Laranjeiras, the tricolor team applied 21 to 1 at Angra dos Reis. The goals were scored by the following players: Leticia (seven), Lene (three), Rivena, Andressa Cunha (two), Dani Serrão, Gabi Lopes (two), Vilmara, Michelle (three) and Andresa Ferreira.

Vilmara e Michelle (18) celebrates one of Fluminense’s goals – Photo: Mailson Santana / Fluminense FC

Playing in Gávea, Flamengo, currently five-time champion, scored 10-0 at Boavista / Zico 10. Raquel, Flávia (two), Rafa Barros (two), Jayanne, Ana Carla, Lu Meirelles and Cida scored for Mengão, who also counted with a goal against.

Flavia celebrates one of Flamengo’s goals – Photo: Disclosure / Flamengo

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Vasco sent his game on Nivaldo Pereira. In the 3-2, the goals were scored by Bebel and Juliana Ramos (two, one from the penalty spot).

  • Fluminense 21 x 1 Angra dos Reis
  • Vasco 3×2 Portuguese
  • Flamengo 10 x 0 Boavista / Zico 10
  • February 3 – 3 pm – Botafogo vs America
  • * Black Pearls clearance. Each round, a different team off

How is the championship played?

The tournament is valid for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, given that, last year, the dispute was postponed due to the pandemic.

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The Carioca Feminino 2020/21 will have three phases: qualifying (Guanabara Cup), semifinal and final. All teams will play each other in the Guanabara Cup, in a single round. At the end of the nine rounds, the four best placed teams advance to the semifinal dispute – the first faces the fourth, while the second faces the third.

The grand final will be played on March 27. The CBF regulation provides that the 27 state champion clubs guarantee a spot in the Women’s A-2 Brasileirão. If the winner of Carioca Feminino 2020/21 is already classified in Serie A-1 – Flamengo and Botafogo cases, for example -, the place in A-2 will be with the vice-champion or the subsequent classification team.


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