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FGTS: SEE the calendar with an additional up to R $ 2,900 from 2021

A Federal Savings Bank The process of releasing the loot-anniversary of the FGTS 2021 for beneficiaries born this January. The bank reported that more than 9.7 million workers have opted for this modality and will be able to withdraw the money according to the payment schedule.

The deadline for withdrawing the money starts on the first business day of the month of the beneficiary’s birthday and runs until the last business day of the second month thereafter. Example: if the beneficiary was born on January 15, the withdrawal will be available from January 4 to March 31.

If the money is not withdrawn by the deadline, it will be automatically returned to the FGTS account.

Withdrawal calendar

Birthday month Service date
Janeiro From January to March 31
February From February to April 30
March From March to May 31
April From April to June 31
May From May to July 30
June June to August 31
July From July to September 30
August From August to October 29
September From September to November 30
October From October to December 31
November From November 2021 to January 31, 2022
December December 2021 to February 28, 2022

It is important to note that, although the dates are pre-established, the employee must check the operating regime of the Caixa branches on the day he intends to withdraw the benefit.

How to receive the birthday withdrawal?

To access the birthday withdrawal, the worker must inform Caixa Econômica Federal. Guidance is for workers to apply until the last business day of the month of their birth.


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Can the unemployed adhere to the birthday loot?

Yes. If there is money in the inactive account. Every worker, whether active or inactive, has the right to withdraw if there is a balance available. It is possible to check the FGTS account balance through the official website or application.

Can I choose only one account to join the birthday withdrawal?

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No, membership is full, that is, the worker who chooses to use the new withdrawal mode will have all his accounts, active or inactive, under the rules of the withdrawal-anniversary. In the event of unfair dismissal, access to the amounts is prohibited for a period of two years.

What will happen to an inactive account after successive withdrawals in the modality?

Not being receiving monthly deposits from the worker’s paycheck, when the inactive account balance runs out, the worker will no longer receive from that account, however, the modality remains the same, if he comes to work and opens a new FGTS account, for example.

When will the withdrawals be worth?

The amount of withdrawals is a percentage of the balance of the employee’s FGTS account. The calculation will be based on the rate table, which also includes an additional installment depending on the amount.

How do I switch to birthday withdrawal?

In the case of non-account holders at the bank, it is necessary to go to a Caixa branch with personal documents and work papers and communicate the desire for change.

Whoever has an active account at Caixa can make the change without leaving home, through Internet Banking or via the Caixa application, in the option “FGTS e INSS”, followed by “FGTS withdrawal”.


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