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Home Sport Flamengo: Gabigol says to act with ankle pain: 'I have evolved'

Flamengo: Gabigol says to act with ankle pain: ‘I have evolved’

Flamengo’s highlight in the victory over Grêmio, Gabigol participated in the painting “Resenha do Craque”, from FLA TV, and revealed that he still feels pain in his right ankle, where he had an injury last year. The number 9 stressed that the triumph was “great” and gives confidence to the team in the dispute for the title of the Brazilian Championship. He also celebrated current brands with the red-black shirt and praised teammates.

The Fla striker suffered a ligament injury to his right ankle in the match against Independiente del Valle, in the group stage of the Libertadores, in Maracanã. He spent more than a month away to recover.

“In fact, this year was a little complicated due to the ankle injury I had. Very serious injury, I almost didn’t end up operating. I still have some trauma, I still have pain. As soon as I came back, I had a thigh injury. When I came back , I had to be careful. So, I couldn’t get a sequence of games to reach my ideal physical state. I believe that, now, with straight games, recovering … I felt good, I have evolved physically. Of course, it’s the end of the season , but with the injury I had, it is very difficult, especially for me, who always play. I have improved and I am improving when we need it most, “he told Fla TV.

“Sometimes, as I said, because of the injury, the training that I miss out … In the last month I have managed to do consecutive training. Obviously there is a little lack of movement, the ability to understand the game faster. That ball [chance perdida no primeiro tempo] I thought I was more out of the goal than it looked, I tried to kick, but … I don’t know. But, as I said, only with a sequence of games that goes back to normal “.

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The player pointed out that the triumph at the Grêmio Arena, of turning point, is important in this final stretch of the competition. Today, Fla is in second place, with four points less than the international leader.

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“Happy to win. I think that the way it was also important for us. It gives us confidence for the next game. I think we were superior in some parts of the game. Of course we need to improve, but it was a very big victory, against a very complicated opponent, who is in the fight directly for the title and for the Libertadores. So, that gives confidence “, affirmed.

Author of one of the goals of the triumph, Gabigol reached 34 balls in the net for Flamengo in the history of the Brazilian, drawing with Nunes in the fourth place in the list of the club of Gávea. He is behind Romário, with 37, Renato Abreu, with 40, Bebeto, with 41, and Zico, the biggest idol of Rubro-Negro, who has 135.

“Happy for this brand, I hope to pass Bebeto soon (laughs). Zico gets more complicated, but you can get there too, God willing. Romário, who is my personal friend, we always talk, thanks for the affection. Renato Abreu that I could play for Santos … They are great players, but I hope to pass “, he indicated.

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When commenting on the match against Tricolor Gaúcho, shirt 9 praised Gustavo Henrique and recalled that, on some occasions. there is pressure for rapid adaptation. Since arriving, the defender has wavered and failed to establish himself in the team.

“I have been playing with Gustavo for a long time, since Santos. I think it’s been about five, six years. We know each other very well, not only on the pitch, but also outside. He is an incredible player, I’m sure he will give a lot right at Flamengo. I think that sometimes the pressure at Flamengo is too great to be quick, but each player adapts in a different way. I’m sure Gustavo will be here for a long time and it will be a lot of joy “.

Author of assistance for Everton Ribeiro’s goal, the striker emphasized the confidence that the squad has in shirt 7, which had been the target of criticism from the crowd.

“Talking about Everton is also a joke! He was champion of everything, the best player, I don’t know, in the last decade in Brazil. Confidence is not lacking for him or for us. He is our ace, the guy we trust a lot for plays. different. He and Arrascaeta “, he stressed.


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