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Former KGB spy claims Trump was their perfect target in the 80s: – They encouraged him to become president

It was during Trump’s visit to Moscow in 1987 with his then ex-wife Ivana that the KGB saw its cut. According to former KBG spy Yuri Shvets, they had studied Trump’s personality for a long time when he arrived in the country.

– For KBG, this was about flattery. They perceived him as very easy to influence with compliments, and said that one day he should become President of the United States, Shvets tells The Guardian.

According to the newspaper, Yuri is a key source in an upcoming book on the subject.

KBG noticed young Trump

Shortly afterwards, the Trump couple returned to New York and the businessman began preparations to run as the Republican presidential candidate. 29 years later, he ran for office and won against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Moscow celebrated Trump’s election victory.

Russia and the Soviet Union discovered young Trump already when he started his Manhattan empire in the early 80’s. It was in 1980 that 34-year-old Trump bought his first major project, the Grand Hyatt New York, in the heart of Manhattan. In connection with the renovation, Trump bought 200 TVs from Soviet-born Semyon Kislin’s company Joy-Lud electronics.

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( The case continues below the picture)

In 1978, Donald Trump unveiled plans for what would be his first major Manhattan success. Photo: AP / NTB

– Trump was the perfect candidate

According to Shvets, Kislin’s company was under KGB control and that Kislin, as a so-called “spotter agent”, noticed young Trump and considered him a future business giant. Today, Kislin is a close friend of Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and denies having any connection to the KGB, writes the news agency Al-Jazeera. Shvets, for its part, believes that Trump was a carefully planned target.

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– Trump was the perfect candidate. His vanity and narcissism made him an excellent recruit. They cultivated him for 40 years, also through the election, says Shvets.

FBI Director Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election revealed no concrete evidence of Russian interference in the presidential election, and Donald Trump has consistently denied political affiliation with Russia. According to the BBC, Mueller stated that the report did not clean up the then president, but that it could not lead to a charge against a sitting president either.


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