Monday, March 1, 2021
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Home Business French multinational prevents bankruptcy of Duralex

French multinational prevents bankruptcy of Duralex

From Leaf:

Duralex tableware company, a beach classic, goes bankrupt after 75 years. Photo: Disclosure

The famous French glassware Duralex this week got a buyer who saved her from bankruptcy and will be able to continue producing her glass with an unbreakable reputation, present for years in the kitchens of several countries around the world.

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The commercial court of Orleans (center), in France, authorized on Thursday (28) the offer presented by the French group of cutlery and kitchen utensils International Cookware.

The news ended months of anguish as Duralex has been facing a judicial recovery since September 2020.

Duralex is known all over the world: from French schools to New York MoMA (USA) design objects, to the glass used by James Bond for a whiskey in “Skyfall”.

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