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Home World Froze mother's corpse for ten years for fear of being displaced

Froze mother’s corpse for ten years for fear of being displaced

UA Japanese woman hid her mother’s body for ten years in a freezer for fear of being evicted if death were discovered. According to AFP, the police explained that Yumi Yoshino, 48, was detained on suspicion of hiding a corpse after the body was found in an apartment in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Yumi said he made the decision to hide the body ten years ago, because “he didn’t want to move” from the place he shared with his mother, reports the agency, which cites local press and anonymous sources from the authorities.

The rental of the apartment in a building in the capital was made in the name of the mother, whose age at the time of death is estimated to be around 40 years. For ten years the macabre scheme worked, but this month, Yumi was forced to leave due to late payment of rent and the hired cleaning team discovered the body.

An autopsy done now failed to determine the time or cause of the woman’s death.

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