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Google Play Store: beware of the danger in WhatsApp!

Nowadays there are several attempts to deceive users. Many of them try to use the image of services that we know so well, such as the Google store, to get people to install what they shouldn’t, namely one or another threat. Now a message is circulating on WhatsApp that promises a free smartphone from Huawei to anyone who installs an app from this manufacturer and that seems to be available on the Google Play Store.

Google Play Store: beware of the threat that goes on WhatsApp!

The motto is simple. Huawei is trying to popularize its equipment despite problems with the United States and as such is offering smartphones. However only for those who install an application. The link that reaches users is very similar to that of the Google Play Store. The image too. Only it has nothing to do.

Although on some devices this connection is blocked when we try to open it, on others it is not. So there is a good chance that it can reach multiple devices.

After downloading and when trying to install the app, you are asked for various permissions. For example, it requests access to notifications and authorization to override other apps.

What does this threat do?

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Well, it does everything that we don’t want. You have access to our personal data, including images and for everything that is collected about us can still cause us other problems, such as extortion. After all, we have more and more data on our smartphones.

How does it spread?

Well, it has a very unique spreading system that makes many people fall for it. In practice, he uses his smartphone to send a false message to the contacts he has recorded. Do this at the rate of one hourly contact so as not to give too much sight as the source says.

Play Store Whatsapp

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If for some reason you fell into this scheme there is something to do right away. Remove this criminal application or restore the factory settings.

Pay close attention to what you receive by message these days. Opening the wrong link and, above all, installing a dangerous app can become a big headache.

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