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Health Department publishes 185 new Covid-19 records and one less death after correction in the system | Go

The State Department of Health (SES) announced on Sunday that 185 new cases of Covid-19 have been reported in the past 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 350,574 records. The bulletin, however, has a record of 7,486 deaths from the disease, one less than reported on Saturday (30).

According to the secretariat, there was an error in the previous disclosure, but that “the number was corrected in the system, remaining at 7,486 in the state”.

Still according to the latest survey, 337,687 has already recovered from the disease in the state. Another 302,356 records are under investigation. 219,408 cases have already been ruled out.

The bulletin also points out that 75,400 doses of vaccine against Covid-19 have already been administered throughout the state. In this first stage, health professionals are being immunized directly in the units where they work, and elderly people who live in long-term institutions.

Occupation of ICU beds

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The state public health network has 259 exclusive ICU beds for Covid-19. This Saturday, the occupancy rate is 89.45%. In the infirmary, the number is 61.42%.

In the municipal network of Goiânia, of the 156 ICU beds for patients with coronavirus, 58.97% are occupied. In the ward, the rate is 56.13%.

  • The state government registered the first three cases of Covid-19 on March 12;
  • On May 6, Goiás exceeded 1,000 confirmed cases and reached 45 deaths;
  • On June 15, the state accounted for 10,000 coronavirus cases and 226 deaths;
  • On July 19, due to an instability in the notification system, there was a reduction of 17 cases in the numbers of infected;
  • On August 14, the state exceeded 100,000 confirmed cases of the disease;
  • On August 18, the state recorded a record number of cases, with 4,128 new confirmations and 128 deaths by Covid-19 in one day;
  • Goiás exceeds 150 thousand cases on September 9;
  • On December 18, the state passed 300,000 confirmed cases.
  • Goiás exceeded 350 thousand confirmed cases on January 30.
  • The first coronavirus death recorded in Goiás was on March 26;
  • The milestone of 1,000 deaths was recorded on July 16, two months after the pandemic began in Goiás;
  • On August 18, the state recorded a death record, with 128 new confirmations in one day;
  • The 3,000 dead mark was reached on August 28;
  • Goiás reached 7 thousand deaths on January 13, 2021.

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