Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Henrique denies Maria Rita as a daughter. Madalena evicts Carmo to sell the house

In today’s episode of Bem Me Quer, TVI, Leonor (Gabriela Mirza) is surprised that Rodolfo (Joaquim Horta) asks him to hand over to Mercedes (São José Correia) the money that stole Madalena (Sofia Aparício), but ends up smiling when the father explains to him that this is how he will be able to get out of prison.

Mercedes tells Marlene (Helena Caldeira) that she has a job to offer, and in return can help her to pursue the musical career she so desires. Afonso (Vítor D’Andrade) interrupts the moment looking, amused, at Mercedes’ clothing.

Júlia (Cucha Carvalheiro) introduces his grandchildren to Afonso and tells him that he does not want them to discover the real reasons that led him to be expelled from the family.

Honório (Pompeu José) and the Romão celebrate happily that Pompeu (André Nunes) is officially the owner of the Sal Inn. Pompeu hands over the spa key to Celinha (Paula Neves), announcing that he has bought that share for her. Then they kiss in love.

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Artur (David Carreira) tells David (José Condessa) that he has already hired a lawyer to defend him in Maria’s custody process, accusing David of only defending Vera (Bárbara Branco) out of revenge for having caught them together.

Maria Rita admits to Suzy (Angie Costa) that she feels bad for having run away from Henrique, when she discovered that he wanted to use her, but indicates that she will face the problems head on.

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Sadly, Maria Rita looks at her father’s weakened air, who explains that she did so because she knew she would never accept to help him, from one moment to the next, after never having recognized her as a daughter. Vera is furious to see Maria Rita and her father so close.

Luzia (Patrícia André) sighs agastated by Mercedes (São José Correia) to tell her that Laura (Inês Aguiar) went to war with her. She appears and informs Mercedes that a man is in the room to speak to her.

Mercedes finds Afonso waiting for him. Mercedes assures Afonso that everything he heard about her is a lie, and the accusations made by Henrique that she is Rodolfo’s lover are unreasonable. Afonso warns her that Henrique is going to give her half the factory, leaving her incredulous.

Vera continues to threaten to denounce Maria Rita to stay away from David. The pastor explodes and says that she will tell her father everything.

Still in Bem Me Quer, Maria Rita is devastated to hear Henrique agree with Júlia (Cucha Carvalheiro), saying that they should expel her from the family because it is no longer useful.

Satisfied, Rodolfo tells Mercedes that it will be easy to bribe Afonso, because he hates his brother. Mercedes disguises his satisfaction by telling him where to pick up a million euros.

Celinha radiates in the Sal Inn for now being one of the owners of the space.

Carmo (Julie Sergeant) is surprised that Madalena (Sofia Aparício) continues to work at Sal Inn, but is soon shocked by her warning that she is going to sell Rodolfo’s house and that she has to move elsewhere.

Celinha sits, triumphant, in the chair and tells her daughter that many things are going to change there and she will start by ending the illegal Mercedes wallet business.

Carolina (Marisa Cruz) looks distressed at a man who tells her that he has a day to pay his debts.

Maria Rita tells Joca (Frederico Barata) that Henrique wants to exclude her from the family, but he guarantees that he will not let her be deceived again and goes to the Sousa mansion to fight for her rights.

Seductive, Laura approaches Afonso, who smiles with amusement and immediately realizes the young woman’s intentions. Laura warns him to be careful with Mercedes and immediately thinks of a way to win him over.

Madalena says she is going to sell her family home to settle Rodolfo’s accounts and David refuses to help her. They look in amazement at Afonso entering, which ironically indicates that everyone gets along very well in the company.

Carmo is tense because Celinha tells her that she is the new owner of the spa and proposes that she continue to work there with a salary of fifteen hundred euros.

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Text and Photos: Disclosure TVI

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