Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Technology How to improve the battery of the Galaxy S21 (or another Galaxy)

How to improve the battery of the Galaxy S21 (or another Galaxy)

Despite all the improvements that manufacturers have made to their smartphones, the battery remains a great Achilles’ heel. After all, we are talking about devices that, for the most part, only last one day of use, immediately shouting for a charger to endure the entire second day.

Having said all that, Samsung even bet a lot on autonomy with the new Galaxy S21, especially in larger models like the S21 Ultra, which already has a 5000mAh cell, as well as a 5nm SoC and a screen capable of walking 11Hz and 120Hz, to save even more battery juice.

However, this does not mean that there is no room for improvement!

How to improve the battery of the Galaxy S21 Ultra (or another Galaxy)


1. Adjust the screen resolution and refresh rate (Hz)

In case you don’t know, the screen is always the component that uses the most battery in any smartphone, especially in the case of the Galaxy S21 Ultra with its QHD + screen capable of reaching 120Hz with an overwhelming size of 6.8 ”.

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So, if you are on the hunt for battery, or know that you will be away from the charger for a whole day, this is where you should ‘tinker’ to save battery.

Having said all that, the new S21 already have a technology that allows the mobile phone to change Hz depending on what is happening on the screen. However, if you really want to save battery, you can always lower the refresh rate to 60Hz, and of course, lower the resolution as well.

2. Dark Mode

The vast majority of users like Dark Mode, because they prefer a darker image, so as not to strain the view so much. However, this feature also brings serious autonomy gains on an OLED screen.

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After all, on an OLED screen, the pixels are all independent of each other, each being responsible for its own lighting. That is, if there is a black image, they are all turned off. Similarly, if you are seeing a black image with a white ball in the middle, only the pixels responsible for the ball will be off. Very briefly, if the pixels are off, they are not using up battery.

3. Realize its use, and see which applications use the most battery!

You can see how your phone drains the battery on a daily basis in the resource manager. For example, if Facebook is running out of battery in the background, you can simply ban the app from doing so.

4. Use and abuse the battery saving mode

Personally, I’m not a fan of the savings mode… After all, if I bought a top of the range, I want to use the phone to the fullest of its capabilities. However, this feature can be a spectacular ally in more complicated situations.

What happens when you turn this mode on?

Very briefly, the processor frequency gets lower, the brightness is limited, and background updates are prohibited for the vast majority of apps.

In return, he gains a few more hours of autonomy.

Furthermore, what do you think about all this? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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