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How to transfer WhatsApp groups to Telegram

Telegram recently implemented the possibility to import group chats, WhatsApp group chats and other instant messaging platforms. The procedure is simple, but it requires paying attention to the location of the news.

Here we show you how to transfer WhatsApp chats to Telegram, one of the best alternative platforms for real-time communication, with emphasis on user privacy. With this option you can make a quick transition!

We can bring WhatsApp groups to Telegram

After installing the Android and iOS application, duly updated with the latest version, it is possible to migrate WhatsApp groups to Telegram. Whether out of curiosity, or for those looking for a more respectful option for user data, Telegram is one of the best alternatives, even though the company of the Facebook group remains the most popular.

1. Open the WhatsApp application (Android or iOS) – Then join the group or chat that we want to transfer to Telegram.

Image 1: menu of options in the WhatsApp application.

2. Find and tap the Options menu – signaled by the three vertical points in the upper right corner.
3. Touch the “More” option – last option presented in the options menu.

WhatsApp Telegram 4gnews
Image 2: “More” sub-menu from the Options menu in WhatsApp.
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4. Select the “Export conversation” option – from the “More” sub-menu, in WhatsApp Options.
5. The sharing menu will open – there are presented the various export options available.
6. Find and tap the Telegram application icon – its location will vary depending on the smartphone.

WhatsApp Telegram 4gnews
Image 3: option to create a new group on Telegram

7. Choose the desired option on Telegram – it is possible to create a new group to which the contents of the WhatsApp group are imported, or to import these contents into an existing group on Telegram.
8. Once the choice is made, the import has placer – the process can take a few minutes in WhatsApp groups with many members and several shared media files.

WhatsApp Telegram 4gnews
Image 4: warning displayed after importing the contents.

9. Once the import is finished, tap “Done” – All imported content will be available, including images, videos, audio clips and other files available so far in the WhatsApp group.
10. Enjoy and / or repeatr – we can bring all WhatsApp groups to Telegram.

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It is a relatively simple procedure that helps to transition to this instant communications application, preserving the dynamics of the groups. The tool was introduced to take advantage of the growing exodus from WhatsApp.

When preparing to export the group, the user can choose whether or not to include the multimedia files present in the group. That way it is possible to speed up the transfer if you don’t need the files already shared.

To ensure that this tool is available, we recommend that you check that the Telegram application is updated with the latest version.

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