Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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“I disgust you …”

Marco Costa rolled up his sleeves and appealed to his followers to donate essential goods that he has distributed to families in need.

Yesterday, the most famous confectioner in the country showed his heart full, having already managed to help together with his followers more than 150 families.

However, Marco Costa turned to social media today to leave an outburst about the abuses he has noticed, from families that tried to trick him into taking more than one basket, leaving others with nothing to eat.

“Hello guys. I will confess something to you. If the human being is capable of doing beautiful things, he is also capable of doing things that make me very confused … Tell me how there are families, who come here armed with smart kids and want to take two, three, four baskets per family, knowing that there are families that will not have anything to eat ”, starts to vent.

“If you see me, and if you are part of these families, I disgust you … And sorry, criticize, point my finger at me, I disgust people who only look at your navel”, further declares.

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“They want to fill the fridge with things that might spoil, because they won’t eat everything, don’t be like that … I’ve already grown up here at the door, because I no longer have baskets …”, reveals Marco Costa.

“Feeling that there are people who only look at their asshole, it unnerves me a lot… Do me a favor, take your basket, but let others have it…. Sorry for the outburst ”, concluded the confectioner.

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