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– I feel for her – VG

CLOSE: Ingvild Flugstad Østberg and Therese Johaug are close friends. Here from the WC in Seefeld when Johaug took gold in the 15 kilometer ski change in front of Østberg. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk

FALUN (VG) Ingvild Flugstad Østberg (30) has soon been out of the World Cup for a whole year. Therese Johaug (32) misses her good teammate on a trip.

– We report a lot, and of course I miss Ingvild very much on tour. I wish she could be here in the World Cup, says Johaug in the Swedish cold to VG.

Østberg has not participated in the World Cup since March 1 last year. In November, the news came that Østberg was losing the entire season due to health reasons.

The 30-year-old suffered a fatigue fracture in the foot around the gutters in Holmenkollen last winter. Before she had another fatigue fracture this summer.

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The goal for Østberg is to get back in shape for next season, when the Olympics are the big thing.

– I look forward to Ingvild being back, says Johaug, who was beaten in Falun:

– Feel with Ingvild

The two have been close teammates for a number of years, and when Johaug was out with the doping verdict, Østberg was an important supporter.

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– We support each other no matter what. Both when things are going well and badly, we are there for each other. I wish she could have been here. I sympathize with Ingvild, says Johaug.

She is confident that Østberg will reappear with great speed on the ski slopes again.

– Fortunately, there will be many ski races in the future that Ingvild can go. It’s going to be fine. Ingvild will return, Johaug says firmly.

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– Tackled it well

Ole Morten Iversen says that the rehabilitation with regard to the fatigue fracture is going well. Østberg can not run yet, but does endurance training on bicycles and skis.

– Ingvild trains well and is well trained. It’s nice that she gets to go skiing. The last time I spoke to Ingvild, she was happy herself. She would of course like to be with the team and go cross-country skiing, but she has handled it surprisingly well, says Iversen.

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The Gjøvik woman is on track to be ready for the next season.

Espen Bjervig, Norwegian cross-country manager, tells VG that Østberg is in good spirits.

– I talk to Ingvild, but have not met her for a while. She is in good spirits and motivated to return. But it is clear that it is probably tough for her to sit and watch cross-country skiing on TV, says Bjervig.

Østberg has not responded to VG’s inquiry into the case.


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