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– I’m pissed. I do not understand that it is possible to behave like that, says a rather frustrated Udnes Weng to NRK.

The Swede pushed ahead of Lotta Udnes Weng in the track on the run in the quarterfinals, even though the track she was already in was free and free. This prevented Weng from keeping up the pace.

Despite the strange action, Linn Svahn won the sprint.

– She has every right in the world to be furious, but that’s what happens in sprints. It’s tight and there was no intention from me to close for her. All I knew was that I wanted the inside track. I got a greeting from her in the target area, so I can just say hello back and say Merry Christmas back too, says Svahn.

Stands by his

Linn Svahn was involved in another dubious pass in the final. The body was over, but the back ski was not over the tip of the runner she passed. Nevertheless, she was the strongest, and thus took another victory in the sprint distance she is best at.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS: Linn Svahn told Lotta Udnes Weng.

Photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT / NTB

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– Did you feel that you made a mistake?

– No, I do not think so. But that was not how I wanted to ask. It was stupid of me to invite more people to follow in my footsteps. It was unnecessary, but I do not think it is something I should be discarded for. It was just boring that it got so close, says Svahn.

She does not agree that she rode over the skis to Lotta Udnes Weng, but confirms that the skis hit each other.

– The TV pictures show that you do not have the whole ski in front of her. What do you say to that?

– I have not actually seen them. But I do nothing that leads to any disking. But I did not even receive a verbal warning. It’s boring that it’s getting so tight. I would not have wanted to ride over her skis, I just wanted the inner track, Svahn continues.

Expert Torgeir Bjørn believes that the jury did not dare to dish Svahn, simply because she is the Swedes’ big star at home in Falun.

– No, I do not hope so. Because if they think I should be discarded, then I should be. But I do not think that situation was sufficient basis to be discarded, says Svahn.

Desired disk

FIS’s rules are clear that obstruction is not allowed. That behavior is defined as the obstruction, blocking, or pushing of an opponent with a part of the body or equipment.

Rule 343.10.2 elaborates:

“In sections where there are marked corridors, competitors should choose one corridor. A correct passage without obstruction rests on passers-by. He or she must have the ski in front of the ski of the person you are driving past, before you enter the track ».

After studying the regulations, Astrid Uhrenholdt Jacobsen believes that this should have further consequences for the Swedish sprint queen.

– Firstly, it is important to point out that this is before the corridors start, so it is really about the rules for changing lanes. And as I read the pictures, Svahn has a direction towards track number two from the right, while Lotta has a direction straight towards the innermost track, and then she (Svahn) direction, and then she is not enough in front for her to actually be allowed to to do so, says Uhrenholt Jacobsen and continues:

– So I think it’s strange that it does not have any consequences.

Torgeir Bjørn elaborates:

– She is actually obstructing Lotta Udnes Weng who has her race ruined, says Bjørn.

– Been a lot of fun this year

The Swedes’ national team manager Anders Byström did not understand the situation, but believes that Weng has every right to be frustrated by not moving on.

Anders Byström, national team manager Sweden

CALM AND UNDERSTANDED: Anders Byström is confident that Linn Svahn will move on.

Photo: Terje Haugnes / NRK

– I know Lotta, she gets angry when things are not going well. She’s a winner, so she’s going to be a little frustrated afterwards. We can hope it goes better with her next time, Byström says to NRK.

Norway’s national team coach Ola Vigen Hattestad is stunned by another special situation in cross-country skiing.

– My view is that Linn chooses too late, and the jury has looked at it, and the Swedes probably think she does not, so that’s how it is in the sprint. The most important thing is that we have a consistent line, and it has been a lot of strange this year, I think.

– But she’s ruining for Lotta?

– Yes, she’s ruining for Lotta. I think Lotta should be happy with what she does, she is on schedule for what happens later, and I think that is what we have to take with us today.

Several special situations happened during the sprint on Sunday. Here, Håvard Solås Taugbøl is disqualified, but the jury reversed the decision afterwards. Swedish Johan Häggström was displaced.


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