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“I will not be treated with garbage, I am a human being …”

Sofia Sousa is back to “reality shows” this time to participate in “Big Brother – Duplo Impacto”. The entrance of the former “Casa dos Segredos” motivated the departure of ex-mother-in-law Teresa Silva, who left the house on the pretext of not wanting to harm the family.

The “warlike mother”, as she became known, was yesterday talking to Joana Diniz, and ended up passing information from abroad, as she spoke about her participation as a commentator in “Big Brother 2020”, recalling the way she was despised by Pedro Crispim and Ana Garcia Martins and revealing that he even lodged a complaint to the general director of TVI, Nuno Santos.

“Both Pedro Crispim and Pipoca when I got there said good night, they didn’t even answer me”, begins by explaining. “I said it twice, and Pedro Crispim still had the can to look me up and down and turn his back”, revealed Sofia Sousa to the amazement of Joana Diniz.

“I happened to confront Pipoca because I had the opportunity at the gala, but Crispim didn’t see it again”, vented Sofia Sousa. “I even told Nuno Santos that day, I will not be there to be treated like garbage, I am a human being”.

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