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“I write in the hope of relieving my knot”

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Actor Afonso Pimentel opened his heart on social media.

After the death of António Cordeiro, last saturday, the 30th, many famous people have made a point of paying homage to the actor, on the social networks.

It is the case of Afonso Pimentel, who guarantees that António Cordeiro was not just a professional colleague: he was, above all, “a great friend”.

“It was very important for me. I learned a lot about the profession and, more importantly, about life. I had my theater debut with him, helped me, held me, had fun, taught me to relativize , we had dinner, we drank beers, we cried, we laughed a lot, hugged me so much “, started by remembering Afonso Pimentel.

“He taught me music and pulled me out of the house with his warrior Lena [companheira de António Cordeiro] and forced me to learn to like sushi. Always making me feel more and better. He was a kid stuck in a man’s body. A body that betrayed and limited him. Life and the stupidity of thinking we have a lot of time tomorrow betrayed me. My Lamb left today “, he also lamented the actor.

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“I write in the hope of relieving the knot I have. António was such an important friend. I am afraid he did not know how much. I wish I had been more”, added Afonso Pimentel.

See, now, some of the best images of António Cordeiro, in the photo gallery we have prepared for you.


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