Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Technology Images of canceled remaster discovered

Images of canceled remaster discovered

GoldenEye 007 is one of the most charismatic games of the old Nintendo 64 and certainly fans would like to experience it again, whether through a sequel or a remaster / remake. And the truth is that this was about to happen.

As the YouTuber Graslu00 shows us, a GoldenEye 007 remaster was developed for Xbox Live Arcade, but it was canceled at the time due to copyright issues. The video, GoldenEye 007 XBLA (2007) – Longplay, shows us the game running at 4K / 60 FPS in the Xenia emulator, giving a glimpse of what would be the remaster developed by Rare.

It is not the first time that we have seen images of this canceled project that, as far as we can see, was practically finished. In 2016, the first gameplay images with improved visuals and the possibility to switch between the new graphics and the graphics from the 1997 original for Nintendo 64 appeared.

In this new video, Graslu00 points out that there are strong indications that this version will be released publicly in 2021. With regard to new projects inserted in the world of 007, IO Interactive is working on a new James Bond game that could trigger a trilogy.

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Pedro Ferreira is a content producer at IGN Portugal. You can follow him on Twitter.


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