Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Increase in admissions of patients with Covid confirmation in Sorocaba

The city also recorded 53 new cases, in addition to 105 recovered and one death

One of the 161 ICU beds in Sorocaba. Photo Credit: Disclosure / Secom Sorocaba

The number of patients residing in Sorocaba, who are hospitalized with confirmation of the new coronavirus, increased again this Saturday (30), according to data from the daily census of Covid beds of the city’s Health Department (Ses). At least 100 people were in sick and ICU beds, in the health network. According to information from the Ses epidemiological bulletin, also on the date, 53 new cases were registered, in addition to 105 recovered and one death.

In the case of hospitalizations, the number of patients residing in the city is the highest in six less and is just not exceeded by data from the peak of the pandemic, in late July and early August. The total number of hospitalizations, including suspected cases, was 155, slightly higher than on Friday (29), which had 154 patients.

Global bed scenario

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In this context of hospitalizations, it is necessary to distinguish the number of people hospitalized in Sorocaba between residents in the city and between hospitalizations of patients from other municipalities, who are served in private hospitals – three – and in hospitals that serve the state SUS – two units .

When looking at the global number of hospitalizations, that is, counting these patients from other cities and who are hospitalized in Sorocaba, the number goes to 220. There are 106 patients in the ward and 114 patients in the ICU. The occupancy rate is 78.5% in the ward and 70.8% in the ICU. Counting the infirmary and the Intensive Care Unit, the city has 296 beds, with a general occupancy rate of 74.3%.

Other data

Ses recorded an increase in recoveries from Covid-19 this Saturday, reaching a total of 30,310, with 105 new recoveries. The confirmed cases with the disease went from 31,447 to 31,500, with 53 new records. The total number of people recovering was 449. The city also showed an increase in the number of people suspected of being infected with the coronavirus and awaiting results, from 218 to 449. The number of people discarded due to negative results of the disease was 80,678.

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Deaths with confirmation of the disease increased to 641, with a new death. He is an 84-year-old man with no comorbidities. He died in a public hospital in Sorocaba on January 30. Sorocaba has no deaths under investigation. The lethality rate in the municipality is 2.03%.


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