Monday, March 1, 2021
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Home Breaking News Inga Marte Thorkildsen reacts to the Minister of Education's school comments

Inga Marte Thorkildsen reacts to the Minister of Education’s school comments

The case is up to date

– There is nothing to indicate that red level means one day at school a week, Guri Melby stated to NTB on Sunday. In the long interview, the Minister of Education and Research argues that corona-affected municipalities can do more to keep schools open.

Melby believes that the municipalities have been granted large sums from the government that can be used for a number of measures such as more buses, rental of premises and general staffing. According to the Minister of Education and Research, several municipalities have not been well enough prepared for the red action level.

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“Expect a little more understanding”

City councilor for upbringing and knowledge in Oslo municipality, Inga Marte Thorkildsen (SV), reacts to the Minister of Education’s comments.

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– I completely agree with Melby that homeschooling has major negative consequences. That is why we have been so critical of opening up for more home schooling, in contrast to the Minister, who has been in favor. Now I hope it will be possible to return to the yellow level quickly, Thorkildsen writes in an email to Dagsavisen.

Thorkildsen points out that Oslo Municipality and the Oslo School have worked hard to be prepared for stricter infection control measures:

– The teachers, the principals and everyone in the Oslo school have worked hard to facilitate the best possible in an extremely demanding situation. Already in November, they made plans for the transition to the red level at the primary level. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a lot that could not be planned for, such as several hundred of our employees living in Nordre Follo! Still, they threw themselves around and did their very best, and I am impressed by that, writes the city councilor.

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Thorkildsen believes that the Minister of Education’s call to go far is good, but warns against making expert comments from an elevated position:

– I completely agree that we must stretch as far as we can, and we can always get better. But the minister should be a little careful not to think too much about how things are resolved locally. I myself have asked questions about solutions at individual schools in Oslo, and then it turned out that there were good reasons why things were as they were.

– A minister sits even further away from reality. I therefore expect a little more understanding of the schools’ situation.

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– Help, do not shut up

The city council highlights the special situation of the big cities in connection with the corona pandemic, and asks for help, not a word from the government:

– We are many in the same boat here now, but Oslo and the other big cities are in a special situation. We have been in the middle of this pandemic for almost eleven months. It gives us extra big challenges. What the teachers and other staff at the school need from the government are resources and help, not shut up.

Melby: – ​​I expect the municipalities to take the call

Melby emphasizes to Dagsavisen that she has neither assessed nor commented on the offer in Oslo specifically.

– In the interview, it became clear that I see that many, both school owners and individual schools, have gone to great lengths to find good solutions, while others have chosen solutions that provide a less comprehensive offer to students, says Melby, and continues:

– I know that this is a demanding situation, yet I expect Oslo and all other municipalities to take the call to think new about measures seriously.

Melby points out that billions have been given to the municipalities to compensate schools and kindergartens for corona measures.

– I get reports from, among others, the Education Association that the money does not reach the students, then it is my responsibility to follow it up. It is over ten months since the pandemic started, have all municipalities used the money we have allocated to also secure the school offer locally? says Melby.

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