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Inter suffers, but wins Bragantino and keeps clearance at the end – 01/31/2021

Internacional beat Bragantino today (31), in Beira-Rio, for the 33rd round of the Brasileirão. Edenilson’s 2-1 victory goal was born in a penalty scored with the help of the video referee – initially, the move seemed controversial, with doubt about a touch on the hand or belly of the defender of Bragantino; the athlete himself, however, admitted that the ball touched his hand in a post-game interview. Patrick scored the other goal for the team from the state of Rio Grande do Sul and Helinho, that of the paulistas.

With 65 points, Inter has five points away for the second place, now Atlético-MG, who beat Fortaleza by 2 to 0. If Flamengo wins their match in the round, against Sport, tomorrow, it is four points behind from Colorado.

In the next round, Internacional will face Athletico Paranaense, Thursday (4), away from home. Bragantino plays on Wednesday (3), at home, against Atlético-GO.

It went well: Marcelo Lomba saves Inter

With Internacional in the lead, goalkeeper Marcelo Lomba became the name of the game. Abel Braga’s team retreated after the 2-1 and Bragantino smothered the gauchos. At least twice, Lomba made fundamental saves to keep the score.

It was bad: Moses misses Bragantino’s goal

Moses missed Bragantino’s goal. An area lift could be removed by him, but hitting the ball was not strong enough and ended Arthur. Marcelo Lomba took the first shot, but Helinho made the rebound.

Penalty becomes second goal

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On 10 minutes, a controversial penalty became Inter’s second goal. A Patrick cross would have hit the hand of the marker, inside the area. The referee reviewed the move after being called by the video referee and scored. Edenilson scored the goal. For Premiere referee commentator Nadine Bastos, the angle did not favor the assessment, it could have been a hand or hit Weverton’s belly, and for commentator Caio Ribeiro, the ball would have hit the defender’s belly.

In a shot that I thought was not a penalty, I was running, the ball caught my arm … My belly and my arm. And left. But if VAR said it was a penalty, I have to assume my mistake “.

Weverton, Bragantino defender

Inter’s game: High scoring, low lines

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Internacional maintained the structure that led him to the leadership of the Brazilian. With his lower lines, he tried to call Bragantino to the attacking field and find a fast counterattack. He was unable to frequent the area on many occasions, but he did not abandon his style throughout the game.

Bragantino’s game: possession and control of the game

Like the home team, Bragantino also maintained their playing characteristics. But, unlike his rival, he tried to occupy the offensive field. He was always close to Marcelo Lomba’s area and created chances beyond Helinho’s goal. With much more possession, he “controlled” the game and was not scared even when he was behind on the scoreboard.

Inter breaks record of victories in the Brazilian

With nine straight wins, Inter broke a record at the Brasileirão under the current format. By beating Bragantino, Colorado surpassed Flamengo by Jorge Jesus, who won eight in a row in winning the 2019 title.


Data: 01/31/2021 (Sunday)
Local: Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre (RS)
Referee: Savio Pereira Sampaio
Auxiliaries: Daniel Henrique da Silva Andrade and José Reinaldo Nascimento Júnior
WHERE: Hebrew Roberto Lopes
Yellow cards: Rodrigo Dourado, Patrick, Praxedes (INT);
Goals: Patrick, from Inter, 4 minutes into the first half; Helinho, from Bragantino, 15 minutes into the first half; Edenilson, from Inter, in the 13th minute of the second half;

Marcelo Lomba; Rodinei, Lucas Ribeiro, Cuesta and Moisés; Rodrigo Dourado (Lindoso), Edenilson, Praxedes (Johnny), Caio Vidal (Marcos Guilherme) and Patrick (Leandro Fernández); Yuri Alberto (Abel Hernández).
Technical: Abel Braga.

Cleiton; Aderlan, Léo Ortiz, Ligger and Edimar (Tubarão); Raul, Ryller (Ramirez), Helinho (Weverson), Claudinho and Artur (Cuello); Ytalo (Hurtado).
Technical: Maurício Barbieri.


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