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“It’s not my mother”, says Fiuk after Lucas talks about Gloria Pires in BBB 21 | TV & Novels

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Fiuk says he is not the son of Gloria Pires for Lucas

During a conversation at dawn on Saturday (30) at BBB 21, Lucas Penteado recalled a conversation he had with Nego Di about Fiuk’s family and told the actor that Gloria Pires is his mother, a confusion that took over social networks last week .

“Your mother, Gloria Pires …” said Lucas, who was interrupted by Fiuk. “Gloria Pires is not my mother. Call her Cristina, ”he explained, relaxed. Lucas did his best to get around his speech and asked if he had contact with the actress. Fiuk replied that not much.

The reason Lucas and Nego Di referred to Fiuk is because of the pressure the actor must be under. “This pressure of being in a family where people are all very f * cked, his mother is f * cked,” said Nego Di.

Asked by Lucas about who Fiuk’s mother was, Nego Di replies that it is Gloria Piers. ” The sister is Cleo Pires and the father is Fábio Jr.”, said the comedian. He even said he could tell if Lucas searched on Google.

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In the last week, Gloria Pires herself explained to netizens that she is not Fiuk’s mother in a very different way: she had to sing a song.


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