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Jump, World Cup | Granerud fought back after the Lahti fall – won in front of Tande in Willingen

Six days after a fall deprived Halvor Egner Granerud of the victory in Lahti, he struck and won the World Cup race in Willingen 8.9 points ahead of Daniel-André Tande.

The victory is Granerud’s seventh of the season. It could have come to Finland last weekend, but then a fall led to him finishing fourth, while Robert Johansson won.

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– This was really good. Two good jumps. Not perfect, but close, Granerud said to the organizer after the race.

Of Norwegians, only Roar Ljøkelsøy has previously won seven World Cup victories in one season.

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It was especially in the second jump Granerud delivered on Saturday. Before the final round, only 0.4 points separated to Tande, but despite Tande increasing to those behind in jump number two, Granerud was in his own class.

– Fantastic

– I’m very pleased. Halvor delivers two good jumps. The second is absolutely amazing. Tande thrives well here and finds some last-minute things, coach Aleksander Stöckl told NRK after the race.

He believes Granerud is as good as a complete athlete.

– He has his head in the right place and works hard every day, said the Austrian.

Polish Kamil Stoch took the last podium place on Saturday, 13.3 points behind Granerud. Marius Lindvik finished in 6th place.

Saturday’s race was part of the tournament Willingen Six, which includes both qualifying and competition jumps. Granerud leads 12.6 points ahead of Tande.

Johansson case

Robert Johansson had a strange journey in the first place. First he was about to fall in the landing after a disappointing jump of 132 meters, before he had to snow in the snow on the plain. One ski slammed into Johansson’s helmet, and he thus had to change his helmet for the final round.

Then things went better for ” The Flying Mustache”, which jumped up from 17th to 13th place.

Anders Håre was first out of the Norwegians in the first place. With 126 meters, he made it to the final in a 29th place. In the second jump he landed at 125 meters and jumped up one place.

Johann André Forfang totally failed in the first place and landed at 112.5 meters under very difficult conditions.

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