Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Home Lifestyle "Just died from Covid-19, without any fault"

“Just died from Covid-19, without any fault”

Former competitor of “Casa dos Segredos” Cristiana Jesus is going through a difficult time.

It was through Instagram, last Saturday, the 30th, that Cristiana Jesus reported that the great-grandmother passed away, victim of Covid-19.

“May you shine as you always did with us, my dear great-grandmother. What a beautiful age … I am truly happy that you met your great-great-grandson. A kiss from your great-granddaughter that you have always been proud of. vent the former competitor of “House of Secrets“, in the caption of a video, which shows the moment when he took his son to meet his great-grandmother through glass.

Meanwhile, Cristiana Jesus paid a new tribute to the family member. Guilherme’s mother shared a video, in which the ballad “No Teu Poema” sings. “May your poem be written as well up there as you told it down here, my dear great-grandmother,” said Cristiana Jesus, in the caption of the publication.

Later, the wife of Claudio Alegre did not hide his indignation, when sharing a video of several young people dancing, in a disco. Assuming that these are images captured during the current pandemic – thus disregarding the confinement measures imposed by the Government -, Cristiana Jesus left an outburst.

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“I feel revolted! Today, more than ever! My great-grandmother just died from Covid-19, without any fault! These are the behaviors that are killing the ones we love most! I stopped spending the only and last Christmas with my great-grandmother to see something like that! I am truly revolted! “, she exclaimed, in the caption of the images.

Now, watch the video of the meeting between Cristiana Jesus’ son and great-grandmother. Do not miss, yet, the video with the touching tribute of the ex-competitor of “Casa dos Segredos”, who interprets the theme “No Teu Poema”.


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