Monday, March 8, 2021
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Lawyers out of Trump’s defense team before the Supreme Court case – VG

SHOULD DEFEND TRUMP: Lawyers Deborah Barbier and Butch Bowers – both from South Carolina. The photos were taken in 2017 and 2009, respectively. Photo: AP

Just over a week before the trial begins, Donald Trump must put together a new team of defenders. Attorney Butch Bowers has left the job, and is said to have taken four other attorneys out the door.


It reports several US media outlets on Sunday night, including CNN and the New York Times.

According to their sources, the decision must have been mutual, and be based on disagreement about how the case should be structured.

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Trump is said to have had problems putting together a group of defenders for the upcoming Supreme Court case, but luck seemed to turn around when he got the respected lawyer from South Carolina Butch Bowers on the team.

He was scheduled to lead the group of defenders, but has now – just over a week before the case kicks off in the Senate – suspended his cooperation with Trump. He brings with him four other lawyers, including Deborah Barbier, US media reports.

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” The man with the horns” willing to testify in the Supreme Court case

This means that it is highly unclear who will defend the former president of the United States in the Supreme Court case, which is scheduled to start in the Senate in a little over a week, on 9 February.

– We have done a lot of work, but have not yet come up with a final decision on our legal team. It will be done soon, Trump’s former campaign adviser Jason Miller told CNN.

He confirms to the Washington Post that they are suspending cooperation with Bowers and Barbier, but will not say anything about the rest of the team.

Trump is being sued for having incited to the storming of the Congress building in Washington DC on January 6th.

As early as February 2, next Tuesday, Trump must submit a written response to the Supreme Court indictment from the House of Representatives.

– The A-team from South Carolina

Butch Bowers is referred to as a respected lawyer. He worked in the Department of Justice while George W. Bush was president, and is said to have been put in touch with Trump via Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who is from the same state.

Attorney Deborah Barbier is also from South Carolina.

“They have really put together the A-team from South Carolina,” said Matt Moore, who previously led the Republican Party in the state, earlier this week, according to the Washington Post.

It is unclear why Bowers and Trump have now broken off cooperation. Lack of chemistry between them could be a contributing factor, according to the New York Times.

Sources the newspaper has spoken to claim that Trump should have wanted the lawyers to base the case on his accusations of electoral fraud, and that the victory was stolen from him. These accusations have been refuted by several parties.

The New York Times writes that a person close to Trump denies that this is the case. However, he confirms that there have been disagreements between Trump and the lawyers.

Little faith in the Supreme Court ruling

It has been expected that Trump’s legal team will emphasize that the Supreme Court case will take place after he resigns as president.

Normally, the removal of the president is considered to be the main point of a Supreme Court case.

VG special: What now, Trump?

It has become clear during the last week that the Supreme Court case has little support among Republican senators, after the Senate voted on whether the Supreme Court case should be carried out. Forty-five of the 50 Republican senators voted no, because they thought it was unconstitutional to sue a president who had already left office.

In retrospect, some Democratic senators have also stated that they believe the chances of Trump being convicted are very small.

You need a two-thirds majority for a conviction. That means 17 Republican senators must vote with Democrats to judge Trump.


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