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Home Sport Leila Pereira spills out after Palmeiras title at Libertadores: 'Screw the rest'

Leila Pereira spills out after Palmeiras title at Libertadores: ‘Screw the rest’

The sponsor and advisor of Verdão recorded several videos after the victory over Santos, in Maracanã; watch

reproductionLeila Pereira is a sponsor and advisor for Palmeiras

Counselor and sponsor of the Palm Trees, Leila Pereira spilled out after Palmeiras beat Santos and win the second championship of the Copa Libertadores de América, on Saturday night, 30, at Maracanã stadium, in Rio de Janeiro. Through social networks, she posted videos celebrating the victory and stating that Alviverde paulista is the biggest club in the country. “We will be champions! I talked! We will be champions of the Americas. Screw the rest! ”Said Leila, shortly after the goal by Breno Lopes, who gave Palmeiras the victory. “Guys, we are champions of the Americas. I’m so proud! That prides itself on being a partner of the biggest in Brazil and, now, twice champion of the Americas. It is to celebrate a lot. I can’t take it. It’s too much happiness! Congratulations to President Galiotte, the cast and the wonderful fans. Let’s celebrate! Proud to participate in this historic moment. We have won eternal glory! ”


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