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“Love breeds love. This is all I wanted”

The pastry chef Marco Costa was not indifferent to a gesture of solidarity from one of his followers.

Recently, through Instagram, Marco Costa he was touched by the supportive gesture of a fan. It was the pastry chef himself who shared the message, which describes this altruistic attitude.

“Hi, Marco. I wanted to tell you what I did yesterday to the basket that you generously offered me. Following your act, I wanted to practice mine, too. I shared my basket with another family. I know you were sad that people from the same family went to get baskets. Here, a basket was for two families “, you can read in the text.

“I called the director of Escola EB 1 e 2 de São Bruno, here, in Caxias, where my daughter is in her sixth year, and asked her to tell me which classmate has the most difficulties. All this in the morning. afternoon, right after the basket arrived, the director sent me a message with the name of the boy who is most needy. He lives with his mother in a T1, two more brothers, they have no father. Every day, these three children go to lunch to school, free of charge. In the evening, the principal went to their house to deliver the basket. I actually only had the oranges, the carrots, the onions and the potatoes. Ezequiel’s family took the rest, because they receive a lot of vegetables from a man who has a vegetable garden “, added the follower.

Marco Costa was overjoyed with this attitude: “Starting the day well. Love generates love. That was all he wanted: sharing and not greed! Each family, ‘armed’ in chica-smart, if you take two baskets, stay in yours conscience that one will be missing in a family that also needs it. Thanks to this lady for the testimony, the day will be much better. “

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