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Maia reacts and mobilizes secretaries to resume mandates and vote for Baleia

Main guarantor of the candidacy of Baleia Rossi (MDB-SP), the Mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), reacted to the movements of the Planalto Palace and also mobilized licensed deputies to resume their mandates and vote for the emedebista in the dispute for the command of the House, this Monday (1st).

Survey made by CNN in the Chamber system it shows that, until this Sunday (31), the balance remained favorable to Baleia. While Arthur Lira (PP-AL) has, so far, managed to get three parliamentarians to resume their mandate to vote for him, the emedebista already has the votes of five deputies who have returned to the House in recent days.

These five parliamentarians held positions of state or municipal secretaries in their states. They are: Rubens Pereira Júnior (PCdoB-MA), Márcio Jerry (PCdoB-MA), Marcelo Calero (Cidadania-RJ), Josias Gomes (PT-BA) and Pedro Paulo (DEM-RJ).

Upon resuming their terms, these five deputies prevented their respective alternates from voting for Lira. The alternates were from parties that officially support the PP candidate – including Republicans, PSD and PROS – or had promised to vote for Lira.

State secretaries in Maranhão, Pereira Júnior and Márcio Jerry, for example, avoided the vote in Lira of their alternates Dr. Gonçalo (Republicans) and Gastão Vieira (PROS), respectively. Secretary in Bahia, Josias Gomes took Paulo Magalhães (PSD) ‘s vote from Lira.

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In this process, Maia and Baleia had the help of allied governors and mayors. Among them, the governors of Maranhão, Flávio Dino (PCdoB), and Bahia, Rui Costa (PT), and the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes (DEM), who released Calero and Pedro Paulo.

On the PP candidate’s side, aid came mainly from the Plateau. President Jair Bolsonaro exonerated ministers Tereza Cristina (Agriculture) and Onyx Lorenzoni (Citizenship) to resume their terms in the Chamber and vote for Lira.

Both from DEM, Onyx and Tereza had political alternates from PSDB and PSL who had promised to vote in Baleia. The third aid for Lira came from Covatti Filho (PP-RS), who left the Secretariat of Agriculture of Rio Grande do Sul to vote for the correspondent in the Chamber.

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Maia during an interview at the Congress in Brasilia
Photo: Adriano Machado / Reuters


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