Monday, March 1, 2021
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Man loses R $ 127,000 in investment scam on Instagram | Digital Look

Man loses R $ 127,000 in investment scam on Instagram
Wellington Arruda

Man loses R $ 127,000 in investment scam on Instagram

Jonathan Reuben, a 21-year-old accountant from the UK, lost more than R $ 127.3 thousand after taking a hit
on Instagram. According to him, a profile that taught how to “make easy money”, from another 21-year-old man, induced users of the social network to bet on a foreign currency investment scheme.

The BBC told Reuben that he followed the user for the attractiveness of make money quickly
. “I was following this guy on Instagram and he always posts his car, a golden Maserati, saying that he is rich and that he has enriched himself.” According to him, investments have increased over time.

“First I invested a thousand pounds (about R $ 7.49 thousand) and, after I saw that I was making money, I deposited a little more and more. In the end, I lost 17 thousand pounds (about R $ 127.3 thousand)” said the man.

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Case is investigated by police and Facebook

THE supposed coup
a, Gurvin Singh, sold the idea that he would have enriched by investing in foreign exchange. With the investment of other users, Singh stated that he would replicate the value with each business he did. The promise of almost immediate profits attracted Reuben, as Gurvin would take care of doing all the “work”.

According to him, in the beginning, profits increased
, so it ended up investing more. However, using an investment platform, he realized that his applications plummeted quickly. “I tried to withdraw the money, but the system said the operation had failed. I asked for an explanation, and their excuse was that profits fell because of Brexit.”

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After that, Reuben reported that all of his money “had disappeared” and that “he was no longer able to contact Gurvin or anyone involved”.

The case is being investigated by Facebook
, owner of Instagram, and the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The social network said there was “no room for fraudulent or inauthentic behavior on Instagram.” He also stressed that his security team has 35,000 people “working to keep our platforms safe, and we block millions of accounts every day”.


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