Monday, March 1, 2021
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Home Health & Fitness Manaus records death of elderly after vaccination against covid-19

Manaus records death of elderly after vaccination against covid-19

The Municipality of Manaus, through the Department of Environmental and Epidemiological Surveillance of the Municipal Health Secretariat (Semsa), notified this Saturday morning (30), to the Reference Center for Special Immunobiologicals (Crie), an agency linked to the Foundation for Surveillance in Amazonas Health (FVS-AM), the occurrence of a serious adverse event (death) after vaccination against Covid-19, in an 83-year-old elderly man who received a dose of the AstraZeneca immunizer last Friday, 1/29.

The notification follows the Post-Vaccine Adverse Events Protocol against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, prepared by the Ministry of Health, which contains pharmacovigilance guidelines and guidelines to be followed by the entire health system of the Unified Health System (SUS) . According to the document, the municipalities are responsible for carrying out the identification, notification and preliminary investigation of the Adverse Post-Vaccination Event (AEFI) in conjunction with the State.

The death announcement was made by the elderly family to the Health District (Disa) North of the municipality and immediately informed to Crie that, together with the team from Disa Norte, the Center for Strategic Health Surveillance Information (Cievs) and the Center Semsa’s Death Certificate Issuance, initiated the procedures for notification and collection of epidemiological data and biological material for examinations and analyzes.

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The head of Semsa’s Immunization Division, Isabel Hernandes, informs that the investigation of the case, according to the national protocol, will be conducted by Crie. She points out that the notification of any adverse event after vaccination is a mandatory measure for all types of vaccine and that it does not mean the existence of a cause and effect relationship. “We cannot attribute any adverse events to the vaccine until the investigation of the case is complete. The notification is made for monitoring and as a strategy to assess the safety of the vaccines ”, he says.

The AstraZeneca / Oxford vaccine shipment was sent to Amazonas by the Ministry of Health, with a total of 74,140 doses being transferred to the municipality of Manaus, of which 50,398 were specifically intended for vaccination of 100% of the elderly aged 80 and over, 100% of the elderly from 75 to 79 years old and 37% of the elderly from 70 to 74 years old (bedridden, patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease – COPD-, Chronic Kidney Failure, diabetes-dependent insulin- and those with obesity -IMC> 40-), in addition transplanted and immunosuppressed).

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