Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Coronavirus Manuas investigates death of elderly man after taking covid-19 vaccine

Manuas investigates death of elderly man after taking covid-19 vaccine

The elderly was immunized with the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine (Credit: Arquivo / AFP)

The Reference Center for Immunobiologicals (Crie), an organ linked to the Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS) and the State Health Secretariat of Amazonas (SES), received on Friday, 29, from the city of Manaus, a blood collection from an 83-year-old man who reportedly died on Saturday, 30, after being vaccinated against covid-19 on Thursday, 28, with the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Crie has up to seven days to issue a report.

According to a family member of the elderly, he was showing symptoms of flu, but as they were “mild” they took to vaccinate. “He also had high blood pressure, but he was taking medication. Now, just knowing the report, let’s wait, but we thought it best to inform the FVS by coincidence ”, he said.

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On Saturday night, 30, the city of Manaus also decided to advance to this Sunday, 31, the start of the vaccination calendar for the elderly aged 75 to 79, at the same time for the elderly aged 80 and over. According to the Municipal Health Secretariat (Semsa), the goal of speeding up the calendar is to encourage vaccination of the elderly.

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In the first two days of vaccination, the number of elderly people aged 80 years was lower than expected in the fixed posts and drive-thrus scattered throughout the city, with around 4 thousand people aged 80 years or older being vaccinated in the first two days of vaccination (Friday it’s Saturday). The city did not register queues or agglomerations, but the expectation was that twice as many people had been vaccinated.

According to Semsa, the idea is that by the 10th the vaccination of elderly people from 75 years old onwards to be started from 70 to 74 years old, with comorbidities. The city has stressed that the elderly do not need to live near the vaccination site to choose where mobility is easier, and they can also request a ride back in previously scheduled city vans.

The mother of civil servant Elizabeth Maia, retired Elizabeth Cardoso, 76, was vaccinated and has already left with her card stating that the second dose will be in April. “We know that the second dose of this vaccine must be within three months to be effective, but we will continue with all the care. Mom has not left the house, we bring all the purchases she needs, since she lives alone, and she would not be able to live with me or with another child because none is in the home office ”, she said.

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