Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Sport Marcelinho Carioca is charged on social media for "running naked on Paulista"...

Marcelinho Carioca is charged on social media for “running naked on Paulista” after Palmeiras title | soccer


Several Palmeiras fans invaded the social networks of former player Marcelinho Carioca, Corinthians idol, the day after the Libertadores title won by Abel Ferreira’s team.

An idol of the archrival, the former player said in an interview with SBT before the final that he would walk naked on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo, if Palmeiras won the Libertadores title.

The statement was mocked by striker Ron after the conquest.

– I just have a word to say. There will be people who will walk naked on Avenida Paulista, because there were people who said: “If Palmeiras are champions I walk naked on Avenida Paulista”. Here is history. Those who cheered against me are only sorry, understand?

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Corinthians idol Marcelinho Carioca responds to a provocation – Photo: Reproduction

Palmeiras fans made several provocations to Marcelinho, who even answered one of them when it was suggested that he change his name to “Marcelinho Paulista”, alluding to the avenue.

Searched by ge, the player was not found on his personal phone to talk about the game.

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Palmeiras fans charge Marcelinho Carioca in the nets – Photo: Reproduction



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