Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Sport Marius says goodbye to FC Porto after fulfilling "dream"

Marius says goodbye to FC Porto after fulfilling “dream”

Marius Mouandilmadji this Saturday he resorted to social networks to send a heartfelt farewell message to FC Porto, the club he represented since the summer of 2018 and with which he ended up terminating his contract.

The international by Chade he insisted on “fully thanking FC Porto, the fans, the teammates and the technical team”, in particular Sérgio Conceição and Rui Barros, coaches who guided him during this period.

“It is a great pride for me to evolve under the colors blue and white, and I would always be grateful to FC Porto all my life for opening their doors for me, in order to fulfill my dream”, he began by writing.

“Today, our paths separate, but my heart will never stop loving and I will always be grateful for that opportunity,” added the 23-year-old striker, who also said “thank you” to the Super Dragons and their leader , Fernando Madureira.

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