Monday, March 8, 2021
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Mayor of Londrina rules out more restrictive measures to combat Covid-19

Despite the classification of ‘very high risk’ of infection with the new coronavirus in Londrina, Mayor Marcelo Belinati (PP) ruled out the adoption of more restrictive measures and minimized the analysis of the purple flag indicator in isolation. In a live held on social networks on Saturday night (30), the mayor stated that “Londrina never used the flag issue”.

“He didn’t use it so much that, in September, the flags showed that we had to open everything. This is just another indicator, an index made by Conass [Conselho Nacional de Secretários de Saúde] and serves as a parameter, but other parameters are analyzed. We analyze it day by day, week by week. We have a technical team from the city hall, accompanied by statisticians from UEL [Universidade Estadual de Londrina] that do all the calculations and allow us to understand what we are going to need in the following weeks. […] This is not a reliable index. It is another indicator, ”he argued.

The classification was made by the group of specialists who are part of Coesp (Center for Emergency Operations in Public Health). The team’s work used to be exalted by the mayor at the beginning of the pandemic.


Coesp puts Londrina on purple alert

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January is the month with the most confirmed cases of the disease. Between the 1st until this Saturday (30th), 8,361 people were diagnosed with Covid-19. In all, 130 deaths were reported in the same period. In December, the number of positive cases was 6,734. In September, the number of confirmations was 4,296.

“In September we had a very large number of very serious cases from Covid. That was when we made Prohibition because we identified that 50% of those contaminated were young and were passing it on to their families. Now it is a consequence of the festivities and family gatherings at the end of the year. Our expectation is that in the coming weeks there will be a decline in cases, ”said Belinati.

The city reached 30,234 confirmed cases, of which 330 were on Saturday. Of the total, 29,291 are considered recovered and 569 people died. The last recorded death was of an elderly woman, 86 years old, who died on Friday. According to the Municipal Health Secretariat, the patient had no other comorbidities.

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The number of ICU beds Covid SUS for the care of patients with suspicion or confirmation of the disease has increased in the last week. According to the mayor, ten new beds were hired at Hospital do Coração and Londrina now has a total of 106.

Even with the expansion, the bed occupancy rate was 86% this Saturday with 91 inpatients. The 96 beds of Covid SUS ward had 84 patients until the closing of the bulletin published by the municipality.

Asked about the possibility of returning to school, the mayor, accompanied by the Municipal Secretary of Health, Felippe Machado, reinforced that face-to-face classes remain suspended until February 28. However, individualized care, extracurricular activities, care for children in socially vulnerable situations and for students with learning difficulties are allowed.

“I understand, I respect the financial difficulties of the schools, but I can’t go back now. Whenever it is possible to return, classes will return. The return plan is ready. […] We will continue to follow science and medicine, ”he said.

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