Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Neymar praises capixaba Arthur after a fight at BBB: “I liked the sincerity”

On social media, Neymar praised the attitude of the capixaba Arthur Picoli at BBB. Credit: Editing / Reproduction / Instagram @ neymarjr / Reproduction Globo Play

The soccer player Neymar Jr praised the attitude of the capixaba Arthur Picoli at the home of Big Brother Brasil 21, at dawn on Saturday (30). Arthur lost his patience with the Paulo Lucas Penteado who, after starring in fights with other brothers during the African Heritage party, packed up and threatened to leave the house.

Surprising the netizens, the crossfit instructor, who until then was seen as one of the calmest players in the house, did not like the attitude of the confinement colleague at all and screamed. ” The circus is over. Leave my head alone, there’s no clown here!”, He shouted.

The attitude caught Neymar’s attention. The player used Twitter to praise the capixaba and even admitted that he “would do the same”. “Bullshit after bullshit … ‘THE CIRCUS IS OVER’ I already liked Arthur’s sincerity because I would do the same”, he wrote.

Neymar was not the only one. Several internet users used social networks to support the capixaba’s attitude. Many were surprised and the phrase “Even Arthur” came to the top of the most commented subjects on Twitter.


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The bullshit with the paulista seems to have awakened the two capixabas in the house. Although he tried to appease the spirits of his countryman, Arcrebiano Araújo, better known as Bill, also lost patience with the situation. He even pushed the button of the confessional, as a sign of encouragement for Penteado to leave the house. “I’m going to press here for you, I called here,” he said.

Later, Bill also hit the networks for calling the São Paulo a superb person. “You are very proud because you have this here (immunity necklace) on your neck, okay? But don’t forget that 94 days are still left,” he added.

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