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Nintendo to be sued over Joy-Con bug

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It was launched just over three years ago by Nintendo, THE switch The Japanese giant will have operational failures. They will be on console-level video game consoles. Based on thousands of user testimonials,French Consumer Federation (UFC) That Choisir decided to complain against the company during Planned obsolescence », With the French and European authorities. It means that the UFC is definitely more effective in forcing Nintendo to respond positively to the many demands made to compensate its members.

Several aspects expected for Nintendo

European consumer associations, united within European Consumer Trade Unions Office (BEUC), standard action against Nintendo. In an investigation, failures were observed in cranes Nintendo Switch. He chairs these associationsUFC What you choose That, in France, accumulated more than a third of the certificates that served to initiate this procedure. The Japanese company will have to respond to the accusation of “planned obsolescence” on video game consoles (portable and in-room) brought by French and European authorities. In France it will be General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Protection and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) Who will listen. In Europe, he will face a committee of Greek, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Belgian, French, Slovak and Slovenian lawyers.

Nintendo failed to blame

Since its launch, Joey Con from Nintendo Switch It has been the target of frequent complaints from its users. The Malfunction It was found to be related to the triggering of unwanted actions in the game and, as for these complaints, Nintendo limited its actions to simple excuses. No action is planned or taken to provide specific responses to repair the damage caused. Inaction perceived as a lack of consideration by members of consumer associations in BEUC. Hence the “programmed aging” qualification awarded for Joy-Con breakdowns on the Nintendo Switch. Better cooperation by the Japanese company may have prevented this legal action.

Media fame

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Media fame

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