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Nurse chosen to spend seven days alone on an island watching movies

THE the biggest film festival in the Scandinavian region will continue this year, but with a peculiar organization: it will take place on a remote island and with the presence of just one person, a nurse, who was selected from more than 12 thousand contestants.

Lisa Enroth was chosen to attend the 2021 edition of the Gothenburg Film Festival alone, spending a week on the small island of Pater Noster watching all the selected films.

” The wind, the sea, and the possibility of being part of a completely different reality for a week – all of this is very attractive,” said the health professional, who will record her adventures on the island on video.

Festival director Mirja Wester said, quoted by the BBC, that it seemed “particularly wise to provide this unique experience to one of the many heroes in the health care system, who work so hard against Covid-19”.

The famous Pater Noster lighthouse on the Swedish island© JONATHAN NACKSTRAND / AFP via Getty Images

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The island, remember, is known for its eponymous lighthouse and lies off the Swedish province of Bohuslän. The lighthouse is 32 m high and was built in 1868, having been deactivated in 1977.

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