Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Business Oil tankers sell kitchen gas and gasoline at reduced prices

Oil tankers sell kitchen gas and gasoline at reduced prices

In support of the truckers’ strike, the directors of the Oil Workers Union of Bahia (Sindipetro-BA) are going to carry out on Monday, 1st, two actions in order to denounce the pricing policy adopted by the current management of Petrobras and which has led adjustments in fuel and cooking gas prices. The products will be sold at the price considered fair by the category.

In the capital of Bahia, activities take place at Gonçalves Cezimbra Street, in the Pituaçu neighborhood. The action starts at 8:30 am and 200 bottles of kitchen gas weighing 13 kilograms will be sold to needy families, with the unit going for R $ 40.

At 11:30 am, at the BR Dique do Tororó gas station, the price of a liter of gasoline will also be subsidized by Sindipetro. Thus, the consumer will be able to pay approximately R $ 2.90 for the liter.

The union will subsidize the rest of the amount up to a limit of 20 liters per vehicle and 10 liters per motorcycle. 100 tickets of R $ 36 will be distributed for the first 100 vehicles that fill and 100 tickets of R $ 18 for the first 100 motorcycles. The action will provide 1000 liters of fuel.

“We consider that the value of about R $ 2.90 is a fair price that Petrobras could be practicing for society if it had not made the option to internationalize the prices of oil products, favoring only investors and the market, in detriment of the Brazilian people, ”says Sindipetro’s communications director, Radiovaldo Costa.

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To avoid the strike, the federal government announced last Thursday, 28, that truck drivers would be included in the group that will have priority in vaccination against Covid-19, in addition to the exemption for importing tires. However, no measure was released on the movement’s main claim, directed at the pricing policy currently adopted by Petrobras.

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