Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home Lifestyle Orlando Drummond, Seu Peru, receives vaccine from Covid-19: 'I always got vaccinated'

Orlando Drummond, Seu Peru, receives vaccine from Covid-19: ‘I always got vaccinated’

Orlando Drummond, 101 years old, was one of the people who received the covid-19 vaccine this Sunday, 31, in a ceremony at the City Palace, headquarters of the city of Rio de Janeiro. The event marks the beginning of the immunization of elderly people over 80 in the capital of Rio.

“This is a baptism, and I hope everyone has the same hope as I do,” said the comedian and voice actor at the ceremony.

The actor also shared photos of the immunization on Instagram. “Some things took me until I was 101 years old. My family, my friends, my work and love. But, in addition to all this, I have always been very well taken care of by competent doctors who have guided me here. I have always been vaccinated and I am blessed to be the representative of the elderly over 99 who will be vaccinated in Rio de Janeiro ”, wrote Orlando in the caption of the publication.

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Vaccination of elderly people in Rio de Janeiro will be divided by age range, one age each day. This Monday, 1, it is the turn of people over 99 to receive the vaccine.

Throughout the period of the new coronavirus pandemic, Orlando Drummond was quarantined. In social isolation, he even published a photo with his wife, Glória, with whom he has been married for 69 years. “Good morning, family, it will pass. This message is to give a little hope in your hearts. Take care and stay at home ”, commented the actor and voice actor at the time.

Actor and voice actor Orlando Drummond is known for giving voice to characters like Scooby-Doo and Popeye, as well as playing ‘Seu Peru’ at Professor Raimundo’s School.

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