Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home USA News Plane following President of Ecuador crashed and landed emergency in the US

Plane following President of Ecuador crashed and landed emergency in the US

The presidential plane that transported the Ecuadorean head of state this week on a visit to the United States suffered a breakdown, landed in an emergency and had to delay returning to the country, an official source quoted by EFE said on Saturday.

“We inform you that the presidential plane (by Lenín Moreno) had a mechanical failure and had to make an emergency landing,” says, in a statement, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Communications, adding: “President Lenín Moreno and all occupants of the plane are well and will return to Ecuador in the next few hours “.

The Ecuadorian leader traveled to Washington last Sunday to hold high-level meetings on cooperation, economic affairs and investments, as well as on political issues related to democracy, freedom and respect for human rights.

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Lenín Moreno traveled to Washington accompanied by his wife, Rocío González, the Secretary General of his Cabinet, Juan Sebastián Roldán, the Secretary General of Communication, Caridad Vela, the country’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luis Gallegos and the Ambassador of Ecuador in the United States, Ivonne Baki.

Lenín Moreno’s trip to the United States was initially scheduled for the first days of January, when Donald Trump still held the presidency, but the visit was postponed due to incidents related to the occupation of the Capitol by followers of the former US president.

During the five days of his stay in the United States, Moreno met with representatives of Congress, cooperation, international relations, trade, environment and multilateral organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (BM) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

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Last December, Ecuador received a second aid of two billion dollars (1650 million euros) from the IMF, under an Extended Services Agreement of 6500 million dollars (5360 million euros).

With the arrival of this second installment of IMF funds, Ecuador reached around seven billion euros (in resources from multilateral organizations, which it contracted to face the covid-19 pandemic and overcome the financial crisis that is affecting the country).


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