Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Police about young people at a party in the cold

In connection with the biting cold temperatures in recent days, the police preventive unit at Manglerud in Oslo has posted a post on its own Facebook page.

In the post, the police warn that the degrees can be life-threatening, and refer to a specific incident from Friday night:

– Friday night was spent a lot of time on youth drunkenness and problems in connection with it. The picture describes a party that broke out in conflicts, where violence was used. There was a great atmosphere when the police arrived at the scene, the police begin the post.

The people who were at the party in question were between the ages of 16 and 17.

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– We are afraid that many young people are not able to take care of themselves after such drinking parties and incidents. Several patrols searched the area and found several young people, one of whom was unconscious in the cold weather, the police write.

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The assignment involved two ambulances that had to assist the police, “which takes the capacity to other serious incidents that can take place in Oslo”.

In addition to the unconscious youth, another was reported for insult and threats against the police in connection with the mission.

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In the post, the police continue with an appeal to young people and parents:

– Do not buy or drink alcohol you do not know where it comes from and do not drink alcohol until you are at least 18 years old! Parents, be safe adults, know where your youth is going and feel free to double check with parents of your youth’s friends that the information is correct. Make clear agreements!

– For adults who are out for a walk in the local area, we encourage you to make the trip to where young people stay. Just yesterday we were lucky, when there was a reporter who announced the incident. The detector could potentially have saved lives!

The police conclude by emphasizing that the infection control rules are still highly applicable and ask everyone to follow them.


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