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Pope Francis takes unexpected action involving Fiuk at BBB 2021

Fiuk is one of the participants in the BBB 2021 and it has caught the attention of many people, but an attitude of Pope Francisco in relation to him it surprised everyone.

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On Instagram, his official profile left a like in no less than a publication involving the actor, posted by the gossip profile Queen Matos.

Who noticed this was the columnist Barney boy, who made a point of sharing the print on his profile.

Queen also echoed the situation and fired: “My God, Pope Franciscus is also a gossip. And apparently he doesn’t like Fiuk either. ”

“If even the pope is a gossip why can’t I be?”, asked a fan. “Sure there is a Brazilian who manages the Pope’s profile on Insta”, said another.

It is worth remembering that Fiuk has been detonated by the famous after his discussion with Juliette in Xepa’s kitchen at last friday (29).

Names like Marina Ruy Barbosa and ex-BBB Mari Gonzalez saw the singer’s speech against the lawyer as unnecessary and loosened the verb.

“I feel sorry for Juliette”, confessed Marina Ruy Barbosa. “Why did we give Fiuk immunity anyway?”, questioned Wesley Safadão.

“Judas? Íris entered the house and nobody told me? ”, quipped Deborah Secco, referring to the role in Laços de Família.

“My heart was broken seeing Juliette now”, vented Mari Gonzalez. Even João Vicente de Castro, Fiuk’s former brother-in-law, spoke: “Boy. I’ve never seen a mask fall so fast on the BBB ”.

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