Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Preta Ferreira comes out in defense of Lucas from BBB: “black won’t let go of black”

Militant Preta Ferreira, leader of the housing movement, went to social media on Sunday (31) to support Lucas Penteado, a participant in this year’s edition of Big Brother Brazil.

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The actor starred in discussion scenes on the reality show during a party on Friday (29). Because of his behavior, singer Karol Conká, also a participant in the program, asked other colleagues to isolate Lucas during dinner.

With that, the actor had to eat alone in the kitchen, which generated revolt on social networks. Netizens said Conká was inhumane for her attitude and demanded that she leave the program.

On Twitter, Preta Ferreira also criticized Lucas’s isolation at the house and demanded more empathy regarding his mental health. “This episode of Lucas clearly shows the lack of access that black people have to this service. Mental health is not a privilege, it is a right ”, wrote Ferreira.

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“I didn’t sleep thinking about Lucas. I know him, his fight. Yesterday I offered my work and that of my advisory team to his mother. Black doesn’t let go of black, and whatever is possible, I’ll do it. Cancellation is a fascist thing, ”said the militant in another tweet, also sharing a photo of herself next to the actor.

Lucas’s family came to position themselves on social networks after the incident. In a statement, relatives said that the actor’s staff decided to break the contract with him and that social networks would be managed by family and friends.

“Lucas made a mistake and we are not afraid to take over! But we see that his mistakes have taken an absolutely disproportionate punishment in the online court. We will not let racism, religious intolerance and any kind of violence go unpunished, ”says the statement.

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“We cannot forget that the pandemic and social isolation brought cases like depression and anxiety, who here did not feel lost? Lucas is not unharmed by this ”, he adds.


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