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Run multiple Android apps with your Samsung Galaxy

Microsoft recently implemented a very useful feature in Windows 10 for smartphone owners, especially those in the Samsung Galaxy line. We are talking about the emergence of support for using multiple Android applications at the same time in the “Your Phone” application for Windows.

The feature should already be working, during the announcement, Microsoft promised to launch it in 2020. However only now can it be used and with restrictions. As a reminder, the “Your Phone” application allows you to broadcast applications from your smartphone to your PC.

In fact, you can launch Android apps from your smartphone via “Your Phone” in a separate window on your PC and pin them to the taskbar and the Start menu, just as you already do with native Windows 10 apps .

Before using the app, make sure that all apps, including your Windows 10, are up to date.

Update your Windows 10 and apps

To activate support for various Android applications, the “Your Phone” application on the PC must have version number 1.20102.132.0 or higher, and “Link with Windows” on your Android smartphone or tablet must be version or higher. The version of Windows 10 on your computer or notebook must also be up to date, you must be running Windows 10 2004 (May 2020 update) or later.

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With the addition of support for several Android apps at the same time, the operating principle remains the same, you can simply display more than one window on the PC screen. However, as before, for now, all these features only work with Samsung Galaxy smartphones through the “Link to Windows” application.

With this it is possible to open whatsapp without the need to use the Windows browser or application for this, keeping all the features of the application, Telegram and other messengers, in addition to having separate applications in windows and, with that, copy and paste data between windows.


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